Universal Non-Slip Hiking/Snow Shoe Spikes


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Wearing this Non-Slip Snow Shoe Spikes will allow you to walk or run on ice, sand, or snow with confidence.

You will be able to move safely without worrying about slipping or falling. The shoe’s grips have ground grip steel studs that can offer excellent traction on ice and snow to help you avoid tumbling on the flat and icy or snowy ground. They are easy enough to put on your shoes when you need them and to take off when you reach a safe walking surface.

Easily Fits Over Your Footwear with No Buckles or Strap
Easy to Wear and Clean
Fits All Kinds of Sports Shoes, Climbing Boots, Double Boots
Suitable for Camping, Hiking, and Outdoor Sports
Reduces the Risk of Falls and Injuries
Environmentally Friendly
Durable, Comfortable and Safe to Wear